The Alcestis & The Medea – PLoT

The Alcestis & The Medea are the latest offerings from Plot.  The two Greek plays one being a comedy, the other a tragedy are both directed by Chris Bowers.

There were leather jackets all round as The Alcestis was set in the Underbelly style world of Australian crime.  Admetus has been sentenced to an early death by the gods and is to be sent to the underworld but instead his wife sacrifices her life for her husband and Admetus must deal with what has happened and also the appearance of an unexpected guest.  This play was the more comedic of the two as the actors manage to capture the audience by tone of voice rather than the lines being said.  Marcus Johnson who played Admetus and Jon Lenthall as Heracles offered the stronger, more witty performances, managing to gain the minimal amount of laughs from the audience that the play had to offer.

The Medea was definitely the more powerful play of the two.  Medea, who is oppressed and exiled by her husband, leads her to the most devastating and bloodiest of revenge.  Eva Mackinley gives a powerful and convincing performance as Medea and was the highlight of the evening.  However the same cannot be said for Jason, Medea’s abandoning husband played by Jack Aylward.  It was hard to understand how this character was the one causing Medea the psychological damage because he was too calm with no anger in his voice.  This set was again minimal with the lighting really helping accentuate the end of the play.

All in all Plot really deserve a lot more attention than they get because they do pull off really good performances and it’s always an enjoyable night out.



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