Interpol – Interpol [14 Weeks To Falls]

HBA Reviews are reviewing an album a week in the lead up to this years magnificent Falls Music and Arts Festival.  The first cab off the rank is the latest offering from Interpol.

Interpol, who are headlining this year’s Falls Music & Arts Festival, released their fourth self titled album this month.  Being a fan of the bands previous three albums Antics, Our Love To Admire and Turn on the Bright Lights there was a certain expectation from me for the new album to a bit of a different turn, and it has.  The new songs are a lot darker than the previous albums and have an atmospheric edge to them.  There is a larger focus on Paul Banks’ vocals which resonate through the entire album, also it isn’t as heavy and is more mellowed out with preference given to guitar and piano riffs over drum and bass.  This may be because Bass/Keys player Carlos Dengler left the band after the completion of this album to pursue other projects.   Tracks such a Success, Lights, Barricades and Summer Wells are likely to be the most popular on this album.  All in all, not a bad listen for those who prefer an alternative to what is being broadcast on commercial radio.  I look forward to seeing what they are like live at Falls.

This year’s Marion Bay Falls Music & Arts Festival is from the 29th-31st of December. Acts include Interpol, Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, Paul Kelly, The Living End and many more.



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