I Believe You Liar – Washington [12 Weeks to Falls]

HBA Reviews are reviewing an album a week in the lead up to this years magnificent Falls Music and Arts Festival.  Andreas looked at Washington’s debut offering.

Washington’s debut album, ‘I Believe You Liar’, is an amazing offering, featuring rousing blues rock tunes, slender ballads and an indie pop sound which has been produced perfectly, which is why it will be the first of many albums to be reviewed in the lead up to the Falls Festival.

Comprised of songs off their EP,  ‘Rich Kids’, and their earlier released, it is almost a compilation, or ‘Best of’ album, even though this is their first full length offering. ‘I Believe You Liar’, really has a similarity to The Kills, who have a very similar style. This also has to do with the consistent production, and clarity of the album, considering both have a very similar over all sound.

As an album, it flows perfectly as well as containing a number of standout songs, which just strike you above all else. The songs that particularly stood out include the rousing opening track, ‘1997’, ‘Cement’, ‘Rich Kids’,  one of first videos off the album, ‘Sunday Best’,  ‘How to Tame  Lions’ and the title track.  There is a real sixties vibe to it, especially in the guitar the sound on, ‘Navy Blues’, which really attributes to the overall atmosphere created by the album.   The album starts with the laid back, ‘1997’, which encompasses their indie pop style. The energy is kept up by, ‘Navy Blues’, and ‘Concrete’, which are both bluesy, sixties-esque tunes. The album centres around the two most listenable songs on the album, ‘Rich Kids’, and ‘Sunday Best’, both heavily influenced indie pop affairs. The rest of the album seems to settle back into the more relaxed, chilled out songs (ie. ‘Clementine’, ‘Lover /Soldier’).

Overall, here is an album which is unique and yet pays homage to a whole range of different styles. There is a similarity with other bands of the same genre, but that aside, it is an amazing effort. The catchy melodies, chilled out sound and familiarity make this album a brilliant start to Megan Washington’s success, and a welcome artist to the Falls Line-up.

This year’s Marion Bay Falls Music & Arts Festival is from the 29th-31st of December. Acts include Interpol, Washington, Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, Paul Kelly, The Living End and many more.



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