Ladyhawke – Ladyhawke [11 Weeks To Falls]

I first listened to this album while I was cooking in my kitchen. Although my gingerbread house turned into a gingerbread tasting mass of cookie (too much butter), I found myself singing along to Ladyhawke for the next week without even realising it.


The self titled album has a great rhythm to it, the kind where you’re humming before you even know the lyrics and by the end of the album you have no qualms about pressing the repeat button. While the whole album has the same underlying feel to it, each song has its own distinctive flow that sets it apart.


The song most people will know without even realising it is ‘My Delirium’. This song in particular gets stuck in your head and will be a favourite among the love sick. It has a gentle beat which will have you swaying on your feet in time.  ‘My Delirium’, delirium meaning a temporary state of excitement or mental confusion, has loose enough lyrics to strike a chord in any lovers heart and make it a favourite.


My favourite pick of the album is ‘Morning Dreams’. Although the feel is more mellow then some of the other songs it is the perfect cross between the ‘yearning’ love songs and the ‘in love’ love songs. It has a balance between being sappy and realistic that is intoxicating. This album is one of those CD’s that wheedles its way into your car because you can listen to it over and over without being bored of the lyrics or the rhythm.



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