The Nutcracker – Tas Ballet

Tasmanian classical ballet company’s adaptation of the Nutcracker tells the story of Clara.

Clara’s parents have arranged a party for her on Christmas Eve. All her friends attend and there is dancing and celebration. Clara’s Uncle arrives and Surprises Clara, Her cousin Fritz and all Clara’s friends with a display from his mechanical dolls. Afterwards, Clara’s uncle gives Clara a gift, The Nutcracker Doll. Fritz is very jealous and takes the doll away from Clara, Her uncle soon puts things right and the guests leave for home.

Clara is sleepy and falls asleep on a chair beside her nutcracker doll. Clara Dreams that all the toys have come to life and that she is the same size they are. There is a battle between the toy soldiers and mice, with the nutcracker doll and the mouse king at the helm of the battle. Clara throws her slipper at the mouse king and then nutcracker doll defeats him. His mouse companions carry the mouse king away.

The Nutcracker Doll transforms into a handsome prince and takes Clara to a winter wonderland where snowflakes dance around them.

In Act 2 the prince takes Clara to his Magical palace where the princes loyal subjects perform all kinds of dances to entertain Clara and the nutcracker. The show ends with Clara in the arms of her beloved Nutcracker Prince.


The Company dancers bring this story together with all the magic of a fairy tale you expect to see at the ballet. The Principle Dancers in the role of Clara and the Nutcracker draw the audience in on their journey through the winter wonderland and to the prince’s palace. The mechanical dolls impressed the audience with their mechanical dance and high jumps. The Chinese Dancers charmed the audience and were awarded with their own personal applause.

Clara’s Friends played by girls from Hobart Dance Academy, held their own amongst the professional company dancers. The party scene dance was a wonderful demonstration of their talent as actors as well as dancers.

The sets were simple and enhanced by exquisite backdrops and clever lighting. The set always added to the mood of the story, and never distracted from the dancers

The Company has plans to tour the show in regional areas of Tasmania. In conjunction with the tour the company plans to present eight workshops and short performances from “the nutcracker” as apart of their Community outreach program.

An enchanting evening for young and old, get swept away with the music and magical story of the Nutcracker, presented by the Tasmanian Classical Ballet Company at the Theatre Royal Hobart and touring regional Tasmania soon.



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